The US Plant in Selma was known as SMB between 1992 and 1996. SMB began with less than 50 employees and over the course of three years expanded plant capacity twice adding forging lines, additional CNC machines as well as employing well over 100 people.

In 1992 SMB ran their first part, which was the case base. Shortly after axle shafts and axle balls were added as products. Core products for SMB were parts for heavy duty machinery.  Some examples are: Rockwell Steering Arms , Oshkosh Axle Balls, Mahle Pistons, Case Base. These parts ranged in weight from 12 pounds to over 100 pounds. Some of SMB’s customers included:  Mahle Inc., Oshkosh, Babcock & Wilcox, American Koyo, Alliant Tech Systems, Borg Warner, and Rockwell International.

Later SMB began to branch out in the smaller forging area and began doing bearings for American Koyo and did so until the company was sold to Thyssen in 1996.
Since the Thyssen sale and during the merger with Krupp, the plant has continued to grow its presence in the North American market by expanding beyond the initial customers of New Venture Gear, Dana, GM-Brazil, and Tremec.  Primarily the plant has focused on bevel gears and speed gears, but in recent years has taken steps to apply its net-forming technology in other areas of the automotive industry.
Throughout its history, the Selma facility has supplied serial production to not only North American countries, but also Australia, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

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